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League Information:

Participants will get a chance to both practice and play a game each week where they can learn the rules, develop their skills, and play as a team. All skill levels and abilities are welcome and encouraged!

Volunteer coaches are needed! Ask us about our coaching discount incentive. Please indicate upon registration or contact Lacy if you are interested in coaching. Please see below for more details.

Volunteer Coaches Needed! 

Parent/Guardian Information


Game Dates, Time, Location:

Kindergarten and 3rd-4th Grade Leagues
April 3 - May 15. PLUS Tournament Saturday, May 19.

1st-2nd and 5th-6th Grade Leagues
April 5 - May 17. PLUS Tournament Saturday, May 19.

Games are between 5:30-8:30pm

Red Mountain Soccer Complex 

Game Schedule:

7 weeks of games plus the end of season tournament (except Kindergarten)

Participants will be notified of their team, coach, practice time and location, and game schedule via email on  March 21 by 5pm.

Participants will also be contacted by their coach by this time as well.


League Schedules:

Kindergarten Schedule

1st & 2nd Grade Schedule

3rd & 4th Grade Schedule

5th & 6th Grade Schedule


Pre-Season Game:

Mandatory Pre-Season Game 
Red Mountain Soccer Complex 

Tuesday, April 13: Kindergarten and 3rd-4th grade (5:30pm-8:30pm)

Thursday, April 5: 1st-2nd and 5th-6th grade (5:30pm-8:30pm)



  • Participants will receive a team shirt at their first game. This shirt must be worn to each game.

  • Participants are required to wear shin guards and closed-toe athletic shoes or plastic cleats for safety reasons.

  • Participants should wear athletic shorts or pants which allow for more comfort while playing.

  • Mouth guard is highly recommended

  • No jewelry

  • Youth-Soccer-for-web

Team Formation:

Mesa Parks and Recreation is committed to providing a fair and equally balanced recreational league for all participants. In order to achieve this balance, Youth Sports has implemented the following policies:

  • Kids will be placed on a team with other participants as near to their Mesa middle school zone and elementary school as possible. Due to the complexity of forming teams, including the number of teams, coach locations, number of kids registered in a given area and friend requests, we try our best to place your child on a team as close to home as possible.

  • We do not allow full teams to register.

  • One friend request per participant may be submitted upon registration.  Absolutely no guarantee of request or placement. No exceptions due to the high volume of requests. 

  • No coach requests will be honored. No exceptions due to the high volume of requests.

  • Volunteer coaches will have their kid(s) on their team.

  • Participants must play in the league division corresponding with their current grade in school and may not participate in a grade lower or higher.

  • We are unable to switch children to a different team once they are formed due to the many moving parts and large amount of special requests received.

Some league divisions fill faster than others. Regardless of the registration deadline, once a league has reached registration capacity all additional children in that league division will be placed on a waitlist. Waitlisted kids will only be placed on a team if space opens up. Please note that Youth Sports administration has the right to make any changes to the league they feel are necessary to better benefit the program and its participants.



  • Practice time and day will be determined by the volunteer coach and information will be provided after teams are formed. Practices are based on available lighted field space as well as general location of team and coach.
  • Practices will begin as soon as the week of March 21 for finalized rosters with approved coaches.
  • Teams practice 1-2 times a week. However, participants are only required to attend one practice.
  • Practice is held on a different day than game day. 


Co-ed, Kindergarten

  • Four 6 minute quarters with 5 minute halftime
  • Size 3 ball
  • Plays 4 on 4
  • With goalie
  • Will NOT keep score
  • Volunteer Coaches officiate games
Co-ed, Grades 1st-2nd
  • Four 10 minute quarters with 5 minute halftime
  • Size 3 ball
  • Plays 5 on 5
  • With goalie
  • Will NOT keep score
  • Referee officiates game
Co-ed, Grades 3rd-4th 
  • Four 12 minute quarters with 5 minute halftime
  • Size 4 ball
  • Plays 6 on 6
  • With goalie
  • Will keep score
  • Referee officiates game
Co-ed, Grades 5th-6th
  • Two 25 minute halves with 5 minute halftime
  • Size 5 ball
  • Plays 7 on 7
  • With goalie
  • Will keep score
  • Referee officiates game
Please review the rule book: Youth Soccer League Rule Book

Score Keeping and Standings:

It is important to know that this league is about having fun and developing in the sport, not what the score is or wins vs. losses. With that being said, we do feel there is an age when it is appropriate to begin keeping score. We ask that all participants, coaches, parents/guardians and spectators concentrate on the fundamentals and love of the game rather than the score.

  • Kindergarten and 1st-2nd grade divisions will not keep score.
  • 3rd-4th and 5th-6th grade divisions will keep score.
  • League standings will not be tracked or posted.

Picture Day:

April 17 (Kindergarten and 3rd-4th Grade) and April 19 (1st-2nd and 5th-6th Grade)

  • All teams must have their team photo taken.
  • Purchasing pictures is optional. It is purely a benefit of our league.
  • Coaches will pass out picture packet information at the first game.
  • Picture Day Schedule

Fun Day & Tournament:

Youth Sports has added a "Fun Day" for all teams and their families in order to provide a more positive and fun ending to the season. Teams are encouraged to attend the event together with their families. The end of season tournament is provided as a fun culmination of the kids' hard work. Due to ongoing issues form parents and coaches during the tournament, sportsmanship and conduct will be closely monitored. A zero tolerance rule will be in place and anyone demonstrating conduct that impedes on the kids' right to have a fun and safe environment well be asked to leave the tournament.

Fun Day:

Saturday, May 12
Peter Piper Pizza at Riverview (1906 W 8th St., Mesa)

Each player and coach receives:

  • Coupon for FREE 7" pizza
  • Raffle Ticket for a chance to win 1000 FREE prize tickets


Saturday, May 19
Red Mtn. Soccer Complex
No tournament for Kindergarten divisions (plays just one game)

Tournament Brackets: