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Dobson Ranch Park Playground Zipline
Dobson Ranch Park Playground Cocoon
Dobson Ranch Park Playground Sandbox

Dobson Ranch Park
2359 S Dobson Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202 

Dobson Ranch Playground gives all children regardless of abilities the opportunity to play.  The park is universally inclusive and equipped with play structures designed to allow all children the opportunity to experience the park.  Dobson Ranch playground is 10,000 square feet with features that include:

  • A multi-layer play experience with upper and lower play structures connected through ramps
  • Toddler expression swings that allow parents to swing with younger children
  • Sandbox table and musical instruments to encourage sensory play
  • A 50-foot double zip line with supported seat and disc for side-by-side play
  • Triumph Climber with transfer station for side-by-side climbing
  • Cozy Cocoon and Saddle Spinner for children who need a quiet space
  • Two shade structures covering the playground
  • Mixed surfacing with rubber and wood fiber
  • Updated restrooms to meet ADA requirements
Other park amenities:
  • Shaded Picnic Facilities
  • Four 1/2 basketball courts
  • Lake
  • First-come, first-serve shaded picnic ramada
  • Reservable shaded picnic ramadas (480) 644-7529
  • Dobson Ranch Golf Course 
  • 14 acres
  • Walking Trail
  • Picnic Tables
  • Barbecue Grills
  • Restroom
  • No electricity 

    Dobson Ranch Park Site Map [PDF]

    1 medium 32 no yes $18.00/hr $21.00/hr
    2* small 16 no no

    3 medium 48 no yes $18.00/hr $21.00/hr
    Dobson Ranch Amphitheater $23.00/hr $27.00/hr

    *Non-reservable shaded picnic ramadas (ie: First Come First Serve)

    (Minimum of two hours required for a ramada reservation.)