In accordance with the Governor’s Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger guidelines a plan to reopen Mesa Parks, Recreation and community facilities in phases is underway.  


As you enjoy Mesa's many and diverse parks, please respect the rights of others, and comply with all park regulations.

List of Parks and Facilities
Park Regulations
City Code
Traffic and Parking Regulations

City of Mesa Park Rangers have the authority to issue verbal warnings, written warnings, or criminal citations punishable by up to a $2,500.00 fine, and/or 6 months in county jail for violations of park ordinances, if cited.  All ordinances can be viewed by clicking on the link to the Mesa City Code, and reference the MCC (Mesa Municipal Code) number listed at the end of the below descriptions.

To report violations of park rules or regulations, or to report inappropriate activity:

 (480) 644-3171


Please remember, that while we welcome you to enjoy many of the parks, retention basins, and recreational facilities, it is unlawful to conduct any of the following activities in Mesa parks, retention basins or recreational facilities:


  • Enter or remain in parks, retention basins or recreation facilities beyond designated operating hours, except for cases where a special permit is issued by the department. (MCC 6-10-2A)
  • Enter, remain, or refuse to leave any park, retention basin or recreational facility after ejection. (MCC 6-10-8)
  • Enter or remain in any area closed, either closed permanently, temporarily or by event permit use, without permission or permit. (MCC 6-10-2B)

Alcohol/Spirituous Liquor:

  • Possessing or consuming spirituous liquor, beer or wine, except when a proper beer or wine permit has been secured from the City (MCC 6-10-6).  Information about alcohol permits.


  • Dogs at large (on or off leash, not in owner control) or not properly restrained and under owner control by manual leash under 6’ in length outside of approved city Dog Parks. At this time, electronic or remote control leashes or restraints are not recognized or authorized in any park, retention basin or recreational facility.  Owners MUST immediately remove a dog exhibiting aggressive behavior, and clean up pet waste at all times. (MCC 6-10-3J or MCC 6-4-7)
  • Harm, release or remove animal or wildlife. (MCC 6-10-3P)
  • Riding horses or bringing equestrian animals onto park, recreation, or commercial facility grounds except on designated bridal paths, trails or other equestrian areas. At this time, the east side of Red Mountain Park is the only park with designated bridal paths or permitted for equestrian use. (MCC 6-10-3I)
  • Animals other than dogs are not permitted in any park retention Basin or recreation facility without permission or permit. (MCC 6-10-3K)


  • Smoking under picnic ramadas (MCC 6-11-4)
  • Start or sustain a fire, outside of designated areas (fire pits and BBQ grills) OR burn materials other than charcoal (including propane) in fire pits or designated BBQ grills. (MCC 6-10-3Q)

General Order:

  • Disturb or interfere with persons or park activities. (MCC 6-10-3S)
  • Interfere with any police officer, park ranger or park staff in the performance of their duties, or enforcement of park rules and/or city code. (MCC 6-10-3V)
  • Aid, counsel, agree to aid, or attempt to aid another person or persons in planning or engaging in the commission of any offense  of Title 6 of the Mesa City Code. (MCC 6-1-1A)
  • Use of any property of the City for, but not limited to: living accommodations, sleeping activities, making preparations to sleep, including the laying down of bedding for the purpose of sleeping, or storing personal belongings, or making any fire, or using any tents or shelter or other structure. (MCC 6-10-5B)
  • Ice blocking or water sliding in any park, basin, recreation or commercial facility area (MCC 6-10-R)
  • Loud, unnecessary or unusual noise that is excessive, disruptive, and/or annoying noises. (MCC 6-12-2A)
  • Hitting, driving, chipping, or putting of golf balls or similar activity. (MCC 6-10-3F)
  • Use of a sling shot; BB, pellet, or paint ball gun; javelin; shot-put; discus; fireworks; rockets; hot air balloons; or hard-material types of jousting, fencing, or archery equipment. (MCC 6-10-3U)
  • Disfigure, vandalize or remove park improvements (6-10-3N) or natural resources. (6-10-3O)
  • Advertising (MCC 6-10-4A) or soliciting (MCC 6-10-4B) goods or services in or adjacent to parks, retention basins or recreational facilities.
  • Slacklining will be allowed in Mesa’s parks, under several conditions:
    • Lines can only be connected between trees, not to signs, poles, fencing, playground equipment, or any park structure
    • Trees must be mature enough to be able to handle the weight easily
    • Tree trunks must be protected with padding, blankets, or carpet placed between the tree and anchor line
    • Trees may not be damaged in any way; no cutting of branches, no use of screws or nails, and trees may not be climbed in order to anchor
    • Slacklines may not be left unattended, and it is recommended that slacklines be identified with flagging or cones
    • Lines should not be any higher than 30 inches above the ground
    • Lines may not obstruct vehicle or foot traffic in the park, and cannot block sidewalks, driveways, trails, or parking areas
    • Lines should be kept away from ramadas, playgrounds, or any areas that have high participation use
    • Slacklines may be prohibited if other park patron use is negatively impacted, it interferes with park maintenance, or it is causing damage to trees, property or other vegetation


  • Discarding litter or trash. (MCC 6-10-3B)
  • Remove, collect, or disturb solid waste or trash that is disposed of in a solid waste container, set out for purposes of collection for recycling or disposal by the City. (MCC 8-3-10A)
  • Remove, collect, or disturb recyclable materials in a designated recycling container, set out for purposes of collection for recycling or disposal by the City. (MCC 8-3-10B)
  • Throwing or discarding any object or substance into any fountain, pond, lake, stream, swimming pool, or other body of water in or adjacent to any park, retention basin or recreational facility. (MCC 6-10-3A)
  • Possessing any glass containers. (MCC 6-10-3M)

Motorized & Non-Motorized Vehicles:

  • Using any wind craft, raft, boats or any other type of watercraft. (MCC 6-10-3E)
  • Driving motorized vehicles in the park or non-designated areas. (MCC 6-10-3G)
  • Repair, clean or maintain vehicles. (6-10-3J)
  • Use of skateboards, rollerblades, roller skates, bicycles, or any type of rolling vehicle on any brickwork, ornamental surface, picnic table, bench, tennis or basketball or volleyball court, playground, equipment, surface used for ADA access, fountain area, planter, or sculpture. (MCC 6-10-3H)

Remote Controlled Vehicles or Devices:

  • Use or operate any radio controlled or non-radio-controlled model, including but not limited to: model aircraft, model boats, model motor cars, drones and other models without permission in undesignated areas. (6-10-3L) See below for full rules regarding remote control models.


  • Urinate or defecate in any park, retention basin or recreational facility outside of designated sanitary facilities. (MCC 6-10-3C)
  • Expectorate (spitting) on any of the sidewalks or grounds of any park, retention basin or recreational facility. (MCC 6-1-4)
  • Swim, bathe, or wade in any waters or waterways of any public restroom, lake, pond, or fountain. (MCC 6-10-3D)

Please Note:

  • ALL parking codes within the Title 6 of the Mesa City code are enforced on all parks, recreation and commercial facilities properties accordingly.
  • Per MCC 6-10-9 (C), the Parks, Recreation & Community Facilities Department Director or designee, Park Rangers, and/or Police Officers shall have the authority to seize and confiscate any property, thing, or device in the park and recreation facility, special event area, or retention basin used in the act of a violation of any of the city code ordinances.

Rules regarding Electric Powered Helicopters, Aircraft and Model Rockets

  • Mesa City Code prohibits the flying of aircraft in parks and basins except Basin 114 (rotor aircraft) and Basins 115 & 116 (electric airplanes). Launching and flying model rockets in any park or basin is prohibited.
  • A special use permit for Basin 114 is held by the Superstition Radio Helicopter Association (SRCHA Basin 114 is available for drop in use for the operation of electric powered rotor aircraft and helicopters only.  Use of other model or remote controlled vehicles (internal combustion aircraft, R/C cars, model rockets, airplanes, gliders, etc.) is prohibited.
  • A special use permit Basin 115 & 116 is held by the East Valley Electric Flyers (EVEF ) Basin 115 & 116 is available for drop in use for the operation of electric powered aircraft and gliders only.  Use of other model or remote controlled vehicles (internal combustion aircraft, R/C cars, model rockets, drones, etc.) is prohibited.
  • All Basins are available for drop-in use on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) National Safety Rules apply (765) 287-1256.  All model operators must have an AMA card to fly at these basins.
  • Insurance is required to fly model aircraft (through AMA or private provider)
  • All spectators must stay outside the flight areas and must not block sidewalks. Pilots MUST fly from the bottom of the retention basin.

These rules are in accordance with Mesa City Code, Chapter 10, Section 6-10-3 (L)

Please fly safely!

Both basin 114, 115  and 116 are located near the intersection of Elliot and Crismon Roads:

Basin 114 is located at 10226 E. Elliot Road

Basin 115 is located at  9850 E. Elliot Rd.

Basin 116 is located at  9750 E. Elliot Rd.

Basins 114-116