Junior Lifeguard
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will my child be doing as a Junior Lifeguard?

A) The primary focus of the Junior Lifeguard program is to introduce our volunteers to the duties and responsibilities of a professional lifeguard. They will be introduced to lifeguarding skills such as CPR, first aid, rescues, scanning, etc. This early introduction to the skills allows them to be more successful in lifeguard training classes and gives them an idea if lifeguarding is the job for them. Their assistance during lessons is invaluable. They work hand in hand with our instructors to motivate new young swimmers and assist in ensuring safety as well. They get to shadow lifeguards on duty during public swim and learn techniques and customer service.

B) The volunteers will also learn what it takes to care for an aquatic facility assisting with daily cleaning, organization, set up and take down.

C) Through out the summer the volunteers will participate in a city wide team building exercise called Junior Lifeguard Olympics. The Olympics include fun challenges, trivia, skills demonstrations, and more.

D) Junior Lifeguards will also have the opportunity to volunteer during special events and meets for extra volunteer hours and new experiences outside of working at a facility.

Q: How do the training classes work?

A) Participants will register under the pool at which they would like to be assigned during the summer season for their volunteer hours. Although May training classes will take place at either Skyline, Kino, Brimhall, Mesa, or Shepherd Aquatics Centers the junior guard's volunteer hours will take place at the pool which they have signed up for.  It doesn't matter which training class you sign up for, just pick which one works best for your schedule. The goal of offering multiple classes and times is in the attempt to accommodate different schedules and home locations. Those who take the May classes will be able to begin volunteering right when the pools open. When registering please search for the pool at which you would like to be assigned for the summer. *training class options and registration links below

 Date  Start Time  End Time  Training Location
 May 7, 2019 5:00pm  8:00pm  Brimhall Aquatic Complex
 May 9, 2019  5:00pm  8:00pm  Shepherd Aquatic Complex
 May 10, 2019  5:00pm  8:00pm  Skyline Aquatic Center
 May 14, 2019  5:00pm  8:00pm  Mesa Aquatic Complex
 May 17, 2019  5:00pm  8:00pm  Kino Aquatic Center

1) To volunteer at Brimhall (BH) please sign up here

2) To volunteer at Carson (CA) please sign up here

3) To volunteer at Fremont (FR) please sign up here

4) To volunteer at Kino (KI) please sign up here

5) To volunteer at Mesa (ME) please sign up here

6) To volunteer at Rhodes (RH) please sign up here

7) To volunteer at Shepherd (SH) please sign up here

8) To volunteer at Skyline (SK) please sign up here

9) To volunteer at Stapley (ST) please sign up here

Q: Do junior lifeguard volunteer hours count for service learning hours?

A) If your child attends a Mesa Public School, yes the volunteer hours count towards service learning.

B) If your child attends a non-Mesa Public School you will have to check with the school to find out if they count or not.

C) All service learning paperwork and set up needs to be done through your child's school prior to the end of the school year. If you have questions please call your school office and ask to speak with your service learning coordinator.