In accordance with the Governor’s Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger guidelines a plan to reopen Mesa Parks, Recreation and community facilities in phases is underway.  


Gene Autry Sports Complex

These guidelines have been developed by the City of Mesa to govern usage of the batting cage area at the Gene Autry Sports Complex. These guidelines are to be adhered to at all times. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in immediate termination of usage privileges by all members of offending user group. City of Mesa personnel reserve the right to terminate usage privileges at any time.

  1. Only City of Mesa-approved user groups will have access to the batting cage area.

  2. All users of the batting cages understand they use the facility at their own risk. The City of Mesa is not liable for any personal injury or equipment damage sustained in or around the batting area.

  3. User groups will only allow registered program participants to use the batting cages. No parents, other relatives, or friends of program participants are allowed inside of the cages.

  4. User groups will only allow approved adults (18 years and older) to supervise the cages, set-up/take-down equipment, and operate machines and lighting.

  5. The batting cage area must be supervised by an approved adult during scheduled usage.

  6. The user group will provide the pitching machines and balls for use in the cages; the City will provide the netting and L-screens.

  7. User groups personnel will set-up, take-down, and maintain the batting cage area during scheduled usage. All users are expected to keep the batting cage area clean and free of litter and pick up all trash at the conclusion of usage.

  8. All users must wear batting helmets when entering the cage and while batting.

  9. Only two people will be in the cage at one time: the pitching machine operator and the batter.

  10. Pitching machine operators must use the L-screens at all times of operation.

  11. Pitching machine adjustments must not be made with a batter in front of the machine. All adjustments need to be made from behind the machine. The speed of the machine should be set to the appropriate levels for the age of the user.

  12. The pitching machines should never be used in wet or extremely windy weather. At the first sign of rain, it is the responsibility of the user group representative to pull all power cords and put all machines back in the storage area.

  13. The last group to use the cages will put away all equipment, turn off lights, and make sure everything is secured and locked.

  14. User groups are allowed only to use batting cage during current reservation. Usage time concludes ten (10) minutes prior to the end of the user group's facility reservation time.

  15. Any equipment malfunction, damage to the batting cage area, or potential hazards must be reported by the user group representative immediately upon notice to the City of Mesa supervisor on-site.