In accordance with the Governor’s Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger guidelines a plan to reopen Mesa Parks, Recreation and community facilities in phases is underway.  


The City of Mesa has established insurance and certificate of insurance requirements for those facility users, vendors and contractors entering into agreements with the City. Before commencing use of services under agreement the City must be furnished with a certificate of insurance.

The certificate should contain the following:
  1. The City of Mesa named as additional insured.
  2. The City of Mesa shall be notified at least 10 days prior to cancellation of the above insurance
  3. The specific date(s) and location(s) of the event must be clearly stated on the certificate for one-time events.
  4. The minimum limits of liability per occurrence must be:

    Liability to others (Combined single limit) $1,000,000
    General Aggregate $3,000,000

Make sure the following is included on your insurance certificate:

  • Insured:  Must list the name of the League/Organization
  • League Contact name(s) *
  • Address

*League contact name(s) on the insurance certificate and/or on file with the producer of the policy must match the name listed as the contact for the league/organization in the City of Mesa reservation database.

The City of Mesa will accept reservations by the league contact person(s) ONLY.
If there is a change in league name or league contact person(s), an updated insurance policy must be submitted to the City of Mesa before any new reservations can be made.

How Important Is The Certificate Of Insurance?

The insurance requirement should be your first priority because your event or activity will not be approved or scheduled until a proper Certificate of Insurance is received. DO NOT advertise your event until the requirement is met and an official reservation permit has been received. For further information: (480) 644-PLAY (7529)