Spring Registration begins January 6th at 8:00am for Mesa residents and January 13th at 8:00am for non-residents. The main office of Mesa Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities Department has moved.  The new main office is located at 708 W. Baseline Road, #4, which is between Country Club Drive and Extension Road.

Parent/Guardian Information:

  • Leagues Only: Parents/guardians will receive a handbook via email prior to the start of the season. The handbook can also be viewed on this webpage anytime. Please familiarize yourself with the league in advance and discuss the information with your child to help them prepare as well.

    Flag Football League Parent Handbook 
    Soccer League Parent Handbook 
    Basketball League Parent Handbook [PDF]
    Volleyball League Parent Handbook  [PDF]
    Soccer League Parent Handbook


  • Leagues Only: Mandatory Pre-Season Parent Meetings:
    • Meetings cover league and coach policies and expectations.
    • All participants must have a parent/guardian physically present at the meeting in order to participate in the league. All parents must then sign the back of the form acknowledging they attended the meeting as well as understand and agree to abide by the league and coach policies.
    • Participants may not play in any games until their parent/guardian has completed the meetings.
  • All Programs: Parents/guardians are asked to read and abide by the Spectator Code of Conduct. You are also asked to share this with any person coming to watch your child play as they must abide by the code as well. You will receive a copy of this via email prior to the start of the season. 
  • All Programs: Parents/guardians are asked to review the Participant Code of Conduct and Guidelines with their child before the first game. You will receive a copy of this via email prior to the start of the season.

  • All teams will have a Culture Keeper. This is someone who helps support the coach and league in ensuring other team parents/guardians and players follow the mission and goals of Youth Sports and the Positive Play Project. The Culture Keeper is another parent/guardian, family member, etc of a team member who remains a spectator on the sidelines at team practices and games whose responsibility is to support the league and coach. Here are some examples of things the Culture Keeper can help with: encouraging spectators to cheer on the kids, demonstrating great sportsmanship, helping answer parents’ questions about the game rules, and helping with water and snacks. Please note:  the culture keeper is not a coach and may not coach or take on any coach responsibilities. The Culture Keeper should be able to attend all (or most) games.

  • Participants should bring a bottle of water with their name on it to keep hydrated at practices and games. Water fountains and/or jugs will be available as well at games.